Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Riding Hood and the Wolf

The Company of Wolves" by Angela Carter is a story of "Little Red Riding Hood" from a feminist point of view. I personally have to say that this was a really interesting story to read and I did not expect the ending to turn out the way that it did, but it surprised me in a good way. I enjoyed this story because Little Red Riding Hood was not a victim in this story and she was able to outsmart the wolf using the same tactics that he used. A great quote from beginning of the story that Carter uses to describe the wolf: The wolf is the most dangerous creature for he cannot listen to reason" it goes on to explain that the wolf is a predator that prays on women in children for they are the weak ones. The children are so afraid of the wolf that the carry knifes if they have to go out into the darkness of the wilderness.In Carter's story Little Red Riding transforms into a woman (implied when she starts her menstrual cycle) and with this new chapter in her life she feel empowered, and a strong woman who can things herself. When she is faced with the wolf, she does not become the pray of the predator, instead she uses her sexuality against the sexuality of the wolf. By not fearing the wolf and by kissing him before he kisses her she takes all the power he has over her away from him. I think that part of the story was genius because Carter is able to retell the story of Little Red Riding as that of a woman and not a girl, and a strong woman at that, which was refreshing because of how many stories there are about LRRH and she is not clever or strong, but naive and weak.

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