Sunday, May 20, 2012


Bluebeard is sad story about a husband that murdered his wives, his reason for doing so was the fact that they did not obey his commands. Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter is a feminist view on the story of Bluebeard it is a very interesting way of looking at the story because it hints at some anythings, for example the fact that women didn't have a choice in who they were to marry, and that they simply did for the estate and the riches that the husband may have possessed.

As the girl receives this beautiful wedding dress from her future husband, her strong mother (as described in the story) asks her the following: 
"Are you sure you love him?" with the girl just saying " I'm sure I want to marry him" and with that the conversation ends and the mother doesn't ask her again. This was interesting because it points out the fact that women did not marry for love, they simply married because that was what was expected of them, and if the husband had ways of supporting his wife, then even better. I feel like the mother should have been more upset because she was described as being this strong woman, who accomplished very much in her life, but still that still did not seem to change the fact that these women were living at a point in history where women didn't have a choice. Love him or not you will marry him if you wanted to have support for the remainder of your life.

I also love the ending of the story and how instead of having the older brother save his sister from this evil man, the strong mother comes to her aid. This story is very refreshing from the original version of Bluebeard  and makes you very happy because it encourages women to understand that they do have the power to make their own decisions no matter what the circumstances might be, and that women have the power so stand up to evil men who mistreat them.